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J & L Spares Export Ltd was founded in 1992 after the current General Manager, who had been in the Motor Vehicle Repair Trade since 1962 specialising in the Repair and Restoration of Classic and Prestige Motor Vehicles, decided he wanted a new direction.
(i.e. he was getting too old to get under cars!)

It was decided to specialise in the Restoration and Reconditioning of the parts that he had always had problems with when sourcing these parts from other dealers ......Brake Servos and Boosters, Brake Calipers, Wheel Cylinders and Wiper Motors for Classic and Prestige Cars.

Since 1992 the company has grown from being a one person operation to its current level of three full time employees and one part time. All employees have been selected for their experience and knowledge, and we also operate a full Ongoing Training Program.  Since the original conception in 1992 J & L Spares Export Ltd has built an excellent reputation both at home in the UK and abroad for the Quality of its Products, and the Technical Knowledge of the products when enquiries are made.

All of this has resulted in J & L Spares Export being Approved by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, and receiving the Recommendation of A.P. Lockheed.