Reconditioners of Brake Servos, Boosters, Master Cylinders & Wiper Motors

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Brake Servos and Boosters

J & L Spares Export Ltd offer specialist reconditioning of all makes of Servos and Boosters, Remote and Direct action.

We can completely recondition any manufacture of Servo or Booster, the following are examples of some of the brands we already supply.

Lockheed, Girling, Bonaldi, Clayton, ATE, Bendix, Kelsey Hayes, Dunlop, Delco, Moraine and Midland

Brake Master Cylinders, Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

J & L Spares Export Ltd carry out Reconditioning and Resleeving of all types of Brake Master Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders and brake Calipers.

We specialise in Resleeving Multiported, Stepped Bore and Blind End Cylinders. All final honing is carried out using the finest Sunnen Mandrels and Stones to give a finish superior to UM 0.10

We welcome enquiries from both the Trade and the General Public. If you have a particular enquiry regarding Brake Components for your Classic or Prestige Vehicle, please complete our easy to use online Technical Enquiry Form